Dear friends,

Here are some updates in our third Kudimba newsletter.

The development on our land in Malawi is going well. Max, Cornelio and William are working hard and every day we are making some progress.

Our lovely Judy has spent some time in Lifuwu meeting the Kudimba technical team and supervising the construction works. As it was the rainy season a lower lying  part of the land was flooded. Luckily this is not an area where we  plan to build, it will be our vegetable garden. Nevertheless we are looking at solutions for water management in the future. In Malawi it is all or nothing, too much water in the rainy season  and not enough water in the dry season.

Finally Cornelio’s home is finished and even the traditional decoration is done. Cornelio will have electricity in his home, which is a first for him and his family.
A small tree was planted in front of Cornelio’s house. It was given to us by a very dear friend, to plant in memory of Mtima who sadly died earlier this year so he can still be a part of Kudimba.

We now have a bore hole and our water tower is nearly finished. We are looking at buying a solar powered pump to bring the water from the borehole to the tank on top of the water tower.
We are also working on plans for the septic tank which is a little challenging as the soil in Lifuwu is sandy and the water table is high. We need to make sure that we have a robust system in place which can deal with these circumstances.

Even Google Earth is up to date with the Kudimba developments, Cornelio’s house is already visible on the map.  Whilst you are there have a look at how beautiful our land is and how much space we have…

We aim to finish our first short term objective soon: the water tower and tank, a septic tank, the solar powered waterpump with a little pump house around it and a fence around the property. After that we will start with the big works: the educational centre, an open air kitchen and an extra building with a bathroom, storeroom, garage and room for the security.

In the meantime we have received a very generous donation from the fundraiser at the school in Belgium, ’Guldensporen college’ in Kortrijk, thank you very much for this, your donation will help us a long way.

Great news, Kudimba has won and is selected by a Belgian bank  (KBC) for a fundraising campaign. For every euro donated the bank will double the donation. This campaign starts on the 26th of June and we will send an email to all our Belgian friends with more information.  Of course people can still donate on our regular accounts in Belgium,  France and the UK and  a standing order with a monthly small contribution is the most effective form of support for our project development.

Our bank account details can be found here on our website.

More information about Kudimba  on our Facebook page: Kudimba Foundation.

Have a great summer! It is winter in Malawi now – a mere 25 degrees during the day but going down to 11 degrees at night!

The Kudimba team.